Extracurricular Activities in Boarding Life

As a student in a boarding school, not only you are entitled to a lot of world class facilities, you will also get the opportunity to choose from a wide range of educational activities that include various clubs, trips and new adventures!

What are some of the popular Extracurricular Activities in boarding schools?

  • Sports as high-profile activities in boarding life Apart from some of the sports as part of the Physical Education curriculum, boarders are encouraged to do different sports; some even represent their schools to participate in major competitions. While cricket, squash, rugby, lacrosse, and horse- riding are very popular as traditional British “classy” sports, fencing, archery, hockey and gymnastics are also on the students’ list frequently. Clay pigeon shooting might be an exciting sport in some parts of the UK, water sports such as canoeing and whitewater rafting remain popular among schools near the seaside. Taichi and pilates also help release examination stress.

  • Music, Drama, and Dance Most of the boarding school have their own theatre with lighting and equipment that are as good as the professional ones’. Each year there are several occasions that most UK boardings will stage their music, drama, and dance productions, sometimes as a whole-school production or for an annual carnival or dramatic arts festival. Ranging from piano, piccolo, to saxophone, students could also choose to learn how to compose and conduct as well as to be placed in a rock band or chamber music group.

  • Public-speaking and related events Apart from acting and Model United Nations, debating and mooting teams are quite popular, and the students would have the chance to explore a specific subject area while developing their critical thinking and public-speaking skills. Those who love to exercise their mind could also work behind the scenes, for instance, planning arguments, researching , and learning from writers, judges, and journalists that are usually invited by most boarding schools to allow the student experience first-hand primary experience.

What could we make out of Extracurricular Activities?

  • Meeting and responding to successes and disappointments The idea of a balance between academic concentration and recreational enjoyment has been proven to be contributing largely to a whole-person child development. Learning experiences from running a debate club to representing local rugby team, the students will get to understand the challenges and opportunities in life better. While one should be proud of his or her achievement in life, disappointments or losing are inevitable that only by those do we become stronger and grow to be more adaptable and sociable.

  • Awards and Leadership Experience National schemes such as Combined Cadet Force (CCF), Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme, and Young Enterprise Company Programme provide students with opportunities to exercise their attributes and skills where they could set their own goals and objectives by strategic planning and teamwork. Those who have completed different levels of challenges could be rewarded with certificates and prizes. All those experiences would be relevant and useful when applying to universities as well as scholarships and grants.

At James-Lee Consultancy most of our staff have had experience in boarding life and activities. If you would like to discuss fun and educational extracurricular activities for your child, please contact our Education Consultant, Karen Li Foster at: karen@jamesleeconsultancy.com.

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